Beautiful animal world.

Swan is not like himself, as well as incursions into the animal world. Location : Lake near the town Lyubnevitse in Poland.
 SwanPhoto: Lech Muszynski / EPA
Endangered animals newborn small (red) pandas in the city zoo Edmonton, Canada (Edmonton Valley Zoo)
PandaPhoto: John Ulan / AP
In China's Changchun city zoo dog became a foster mother to two Tigris child. Young Tigress abandoned offspring immediately after birth. This is not the first such case. Photo animals was made during lactation.
animalPhoto: Photo: © Color China Photo
Family rhinoceros in the zoo Cleveland, Ohio (Cleveland Metropark Zoo).
rhinocerosPhoto: Scott Shaw / AP
4-month orang-utan named Elmo shared his impressions after a stay in hospital for animals in the zoo Taman Safari, which is located in the Indonesian city of Bogor in Java.
orang-utanPhoto: Supri / Reuters
Spiez Jiwlew named at the annual exhibition of dogs in Bangkok, Thailand.
dogPhoto: Barbara Walton / EFE
Time dessert safari park in the city of Chongqing, China.
Two chimpanzees share a single ice cream after dinner dense.
ChimpanzeePhoto: China Photos
Company lemurs satisfies thirst in the park entertainment Everland in South Korea.
lemursPhoto: Everland Amusement Park / Reuters
The zoo in Warsaw, Poland.
zoo and monkeyPhoto: Kacper Pempel / Reuters
Clerk Berlin Zoo Uwe Frittsmann in the process of feeding behemoth named Gregor.behemothPhoto: Fritz Reiss / AP
Two giraffe at the New York State Fair in the American town Geddes, NY.
giraffePhoto: Mike Okoniewski / Empire Expo Center / AP

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